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A Crash Course in Mexican Driving..

So I had the fortune or misfortune of driving in Mexico. So here is my crash course in Mexican Driving. These rules are only valid in Ciudad Juarez, as that is the only place in Mexico that I have driven.

1. All Stop Signs are opitonal, unless their is a Mexican Cop at the sign, in which place, you stop and let the cop go.
2. You must stop at traffic lights, but just like the US, betting the light is allow, and happens most of the time.
3. Passing someone in a doubble yellow area is allowed, just do not play chicken with the other drive, as they will win!
4. Some of the roads that you will drive in, also carry water in tims of storms. Do not worry, as it never rains in Mexico.
5. When driving in Mexico, alwasy carry cash. This is used to pay off the cop when you get pulled over.
6. You do not need to look at speed limit signs unless you are in the central district. Otherwise just run as fast as you want.
7. Know your way around, as there are not really any street signs when you get out side of the central district.
8. Watch out for "lopes", which translated into "speed bumps," but a closer approximation is "Appalachian Mountains." These things are deadly at almost any speed, and at higher speeds will cause your car vehicle to gain major air. But as Paster Erik said, we have two Axils, but we must only really need one. LOL.
9. Watch your ass when driving at night, as some Mexicans think that headlights are only suggestions.
10. No Parking Spot, Make one. When you are out side the commerical district, parking is bascily, Park where you feel like it. So, look for cars parked in places where you would not expect to see them.

So, that is all I can think of right now. Driving in Mexico is something differnt, and something that you have to be strong to do. There is no room for week driving skils when you are driving in Mexico. You have to know your suroundings and who and what is near you.
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