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State Side...

So, I am back State Side, and back in the office. Mexico was good, and we did finish the house, so that was good also. When I find time this weekend, I will give a full on update of the trip, take all my phone posts, move all that into one post. So, anyway, yesterday was fun.

Thursday, cus it took longer to get something’s done, like drywall, and chicken wire, we did stucco Thursday and let me tell you, it was hotter then blazes down there. Who ever thought it was a good idea to build a house in Mexico in late June, almost early July should be shot. Anyway, so, we got the stucco done, and did the house blessing around 1pm. The family cooked us a great lunch, which was as normal, some of the best true Mexican Food I have ever had. So, we went back to our host church and packed things up, and got down to the Mercado around 4:30pm. We spent an hour there, and then went to cross the border.

I must say that crossing the border this time was one of the fastest and simple times I have had. Same with going into Mexico. Even with all new vans, that were rented (one still with temp tags), and one of our vans pulling a trailer, we still crossed over with no problems. Also, we took the pay bridge, and even better there was no wait time there. So, 20 min after leaving the Mercado, we had crossed the border, and were at the CPC office. So, by now its 6:30 - 7ish.

So, we get some small things done at the CPC office, and get ready to take off. So, we roll down our window and tell Kathy that we need to get gas, as we only had 1/4 a tank of Mexican gas, and she was like, "O you can make it to Las Cruces". So, we are like, ok, but when we run out of gas, you are going to get it. So, somehow, even with getting down to El Paso first, and in the 4 hours it should take, they would not let us lead. So, we were the last van out of 4 vans. So we are approaching Las Cruces, and a important thing to note is that you take I-25 to Albuquerque. Well, the freeway that runs from Las Cruces is I-10. So, in past years we have missed the I-25 exit cus there has been almost no signs pointing it out. Well, this year I was bound to make sure we hit that exit.

Well, guess what. We missed it. Pastor Erik was driving our van, and we had gotten into the exit lane, and then realized that they were not taking the I-25 exit. SHIT. So, we baild back on to I-10, to fallow the other vans. So we go, ok, they missed the exit, we will double back, right? Wrong. Then went pass the first exit. So we just missed 2 of 5 exits that we could take, being that Las Cruces only has 4 freeway exits on I-10. So, we finally get off at the second exit, and pull into a golden arches (aka, McDog Food). So, we all look around the van, and go, this was not our idea. Plus to top it off, one of the girls in our van was really not feeling well, as she had gotten way to much Sun. We had gotten a very large bottle of water before leaving Mexico so we could keep her head cool by wetting a bandana. So, she said that she felt like she could not keep MCD down, so we deiced to be the Bad Van again, and do our own thing. So, we went back to the same Subway that we went to going down to El Paso.

We ate dinner there, and I paid for most of the kiddo's to eat, as subway has this new 4 subs for 10.99 deal. Plus, most of the kids over spent at the Mercado like normal. One kid was trying not to eat cus she had no money, and I told her, go order, and I will buy it, cus you need to eat. So, she finally went and ordered food. So by the time we finished dinner, it was 9ish. Since we were low on gas to begin with, and then having to find our way back up to I-25 thru the middle of Las Cruces, we were running on fumes. Our low gas light was on, so we turned of the AC to keep gas usage as low as we could. We decided that we could make it to the Sams Club on the north end of town to get gas, since I have both Costco & Sams Club cards. So we get there, and it takes 28 gal @ a total cost of 60 dollars. I was lucky in that I did not pay for that. Kristin put that on her card, since I paid for dinner. So, after that it was back on the road again.

We thought that since we took a self-guided tour of Las Cruces, ate dinner, and got gas the other vans would have been for sure ahead of us. I was wrong. Around mile marker 91, my phone rings, It's Kathy (who was in one of the other vans). I went to answer it, but as I do, she hangs up, or lost service or something. So, I wait about 10 min and then try her again. Nothing. I keep trying her, and nothing. Mind you this is 10pm at night. So around mile marker 120, I get a call from the Ann (who was also in another van), and she is like "where are you guys?", and I reply "just passing mile marker 121." Ann then says "ok, we are at 110". So about 10 miles behind us. So, we never stopped between Las Cruces and Albuquerque. Only once at a Rest Area to switch drivers, but that was all of 30 seconds. LOL. So, we get to the church, and start unloading our van. We get our van unloaded, cleaned out, and parked. Still no sign of the other vans. So I call the other vans, and they are just getting of the freeway. They had to stop cus someone needed to use the restroom.

So, I finally leave the church around 12:30am or 12:45am ish. I take Steve home, and then hop onto Paseo Del Norte, and blow to the west side, since I am house sitting for my parents. I finaly get to my Parents house close to 1:15am or just a little after. I get everything unloaded from my car, and get settled in the house. So, around 1:30am or there abouts, I finally hop into the shower as I have not taken a shower in 5days, and did not want to sleep in my filth for another night. So, I get out of the shower around and get dried off around 2am. Get everything done that needs tobe done before bed. I am in bed at 2:30am.

So, my alarm was set to go off at 8am, well it happened, but I do not remember it goin off. So, I wake up around 9am, get dressed and head into the office. So, now my butt is really dragging, but its a good thing. I just wish we could have gotten home early in the night, and not this midnight crap.
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