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We are at T minus 24 hours and counting

LOL, so yes, 24 hours until we are scheduled to leave for Mexico. Right now, I am finding all the Costco's and Sams Clubs with gas stations that will be on our trip. Since I have memberships to both places, I can save us some money on gas, which is a good thing since we are going to have to get gas for 4 12 passenger vans.

Right now, the problem I am running into is that since we are traveling on Sunday, everything closes early. So, like the Sams Club Gas in Las Cruces closes at 6pm. So, I do not think we will be making that one. Then the Sams Club Gas & Costco Gas in El Paso both closes at 7pm on Sunday night. So, it looks as if we might put gas in our tanks in Las Cruces just to make it down to El Paso, then Monday morning, go gas up at Sams or Costco when they open at 6:30 or 7 am. I need to talk with Sue and Kathy about what we want to do.

So, yes, I am packed, and have been packed for a few days now. I just like to be done and ready so I am not running around at the last second trying to get everything packed and ready.

So, on Sunday this is what my schedule looks like:
8am: Alarm goes off
8am-10:30am: Get ready to go (Shower, Last check of things, Breakfast)
11am: Church @ Holy Cross (We are doing a sending of the group)
11:45am/noon: All Saints Lutheran Church, help Kristin get her group packed up, loaded in her and my car, and head to Holy Cross.
1pm: Meet at Holy Cross, start loading vans and such.
2pm: Leave (we hope) 3pm is the latest we can leave.
6pm - 7pm: Arrive in Las Cruces, NM (Gas and maybe dinner depending)
7pm - 10pm: Arrive in El Paso, TX (Dinner if we do not eat in Las Cruces) (unload vans & such for the night)

So, then on Monday we wake really early, start by one of two things, going to get gas, then loading the vans. Or we load vans, get out the door and then go get gas. Then we head up to the CPC office in El Paso; get the crap we need there, along with our Leader guy. Then we go get in line at the border. Depending on when we get there, it can be a 30 min process or a 2 to 3 hour wait. FUN! LOL. So then once we are in Mexico, we will go to our Church where we will stay, drop crap really quick, then head over the CPC warehouse, grab tools and run to the build site. We will build until noonish, and then head back to the church for a few hours and rest (since that is the hottest part of the day). Then around 3pm we will start building again. We build til about 8pm (or when we can not see any longer). Do that for 3 or 4 days. Go shopping at the Mercado on Thursday, then head back for New Mexico late Thursday afternoon / Evening.

Anyway, I might try and do a phone post from El Paso which could be fun. So, look for that. But, if it's not up by Sunday evening, or really early Monday morning, then it's not going to be up.

Well, me need to go now. I still have stuff to do, and it’s hitting on 2:15 / 2:30 pm.

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