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Status Update:

I am packed for Mexico. I did my last shopping today, minus snacks for the trip down, if I do that. I am thinking a just a soda, and nap, and I will be set. Anyway, I still have to stop by the back, and pull some money out of savings. Then Saturday I am thinking about doing a lot a work to A) pass time, and B) just get shit done.

Then Sunday we leave. Yet I live a half mile from church, but I am going to head over to the west side at 11:30am to help Kristin (youth director at All Saints), get her crap & kids up to Holy Cross by 1pm. Then we hope to load and leave by 2pm, but with the 2pm goal, we really mean 3pm. Telling the kids 2pm, means that we might, just might make 3pm.

So, I do plan on updating before I leave, but if I do not. Please pray / wish (what ever you do) for safe travel for our group, and for good health, so that we may all return in one tired piece.

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