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Pimp My Server!

So I pimped a server at work today. I added about 800 dollars worth of storage and cards to drive the storage to our Dell Poweredge 2300. So now the server has about 1 terrabite of storage ability. But, we are using it in a 0+1 Raid, so really about 500 gb of true storage space. LOL. So, basically a shit load of storage space. So right now, Windows 2000 server is installing on that. So far so good. Removing the backplane was very clean. All the boards and drives that were in the computer can still be used, so if we have problems with our other Dell Poweredge server, then it can and just might be used there.

Also, on my way to All Saints tonight, I am going to stop at Radio Shack and pick up some stereo wire so I can use a set of speakers I got in the server room. So, this way, I will not have to blast my music so loud when I am working in there. It will be nice since I will be spending more time in the server room getting the Pimped server running. So, I am guessing about 10 bucks in cords and adapters and it will all work.

So, right now I feel very accomplished. I have done something that many people, including Dell's people, said would not work. So, that makes me feel really happy right now. That, and I got to play with hardware which is something that I do not normally get a chance to do in this business. Normally the way my job works, I trouble shoot until I figure out the problem, replace or fix hardware that is broke, and be done with it. But, today, I got to teardown a server, and then rebuild it bigger and better. So, that has really just made my day, and really my week. Normally it would make my month, but with going to Mexico and all, that will be really hard to top.

So also, I am really happy, cus last night after Church Council, I decided to just buckle down, and do all my laundry. So, got all 4 bags loaded into my car, took the really short 30 second drive to the laundry place in my Apartment complex, and saw to my advantage that all 4 washers and dryers were free. So, I started all my laundry (4 loads), and came back to my apartment. Switched them to the dryer and brought them all back. So, it was all good. The only down side, I was up til midnight folding and hanging all my clothes, so I have been really wiped today. But, now that it done, I will have more time to relax the rest of this week.

So, I just got off the phone with my old boss over at RDA and they are having some issues. So now I need to schedule sometime to go over there, work some magic and make their crap of a system work again. So, it will be good to see them all, cus it has been a few months since I have been there. So, I am keeping busy, and well, busy does not describe it yet. LOL.

Also, so far my July is not looking any better then my June did. So far on my schedule I have:
House sitting for my parents: July 1st to 7th.
Wichita, KS: July 7th to 10th.
Dinner with a Friend and her son: July 11th.
All city youth leaders meeting: July 13th.
Camping with youth group: July 15th to 17th.
Church Council: July 19
Training class in Phoenix: Morning of July 20th.
All city youth event: Evening of July 20th.

So, if you know that you need to be on my schedule, please get on it quick or else I may not be able to get you in. Also July is turning into my month of travel with going to Wichita and then having a training class out in Phoenix on July 20th. Its really scary, but I will just be out there for the class from 9am to noon. So, my flight should leave ABQ at 6:55am, and get in at 7:05am. Then I will have the class from 9 to noon, and then my return flight is from 3:40 pm to 5:45pm. Then at 6pm I have a All City Youth Even at St. Paul, so not that far from the airport. So, its going to be Kevin running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Well, that is all for now.

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