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Is it Friday yet, or just another Monday?

Man, today has been busy so far. Jerry was up to my office because he needed to have some Autocad files converted to PDF's. Then Carl was also up to see about me getting a laptop configed with the Trane software, so we can control systems for some new clients we have. Also, I have setup a meeting time with Rick, our Verizon rep. Checked e-mail and answered a few.

Also, I have been trying to deal with the domain name for my church. I got an e-mail today from Suzan who is our secretary at church, and she said that she had been getting a "Renewal fail" e-mail once a day for a few days now. So, I WHOIS'ed our domain and sure as crap, it expried back on the 18th of June. So, now we are trying to find our username and password for the domain name, so that we can renew it. At issue is when this all was created, my sister was doing the website stuff. So, my guess is that she knows the username & password, or my hope is that she does not know the username or password, that she has that stuff in her files somewhere. So, its more just a matter of time before we get the info one way or another.

In other news, I am happy. I did some cleaning last night and for the most part got my place cleaned up. I was also able to sort thru my clothes that need to be washed, and get that crap all ready to go. So, now I am hoping tonight after Church Council, I can just go up to the laundry facilities at my apartment, and just use all 4 washers and dryers. It should be late so I don’t think it will be a problem. That right there is one reason why I do love living in an apartment complex. Being able to get all my clothes washed and dried (4 loads worth) in about 1.5 hours is really nice. Then it is just the task of folding and hanging clothing up, which is the part that I fail at the most. Half the time my clothing sits in the bags that I use to take it to the laundry facilities.

So as far as movies go, I am loving Netflix. In the past 30 days I have watched 8 movies. I could have watched more, but like the dolt I can be some days, I signed up for the 2 week free trial with the 1 at a time plan. If I had been thinking, I would have done the 3 a month for the trial. But its all good. I did change and go with the 3 at a time program since there is transit time. From here in Albuquerque, it takes about 3 days to get a movie, and about 2 or 3 days for them to receive a movie I have sent back. The closest Netflix sort facility is in Denver, so I expect a few days. It would be nice to have a Netflix sort facility here in Albuquerque, but my guess is we do not have the population base that is needed.

Also, sometime on Wednesday is when the new hardware will arrive to upgrade the old server. I have started moving the data off that server, and I am hoping that if my schedule this week permits, that I will have most of the leg work done on upgrading the server. Doing the hardware part should take the least amount of time, but should also be fun in its own right. What will take the most time is getting the OS installed, getting that all patched up, shoving SQL Server on it, getting Great Plains with Wennsoft installed, and getting working copy’s of the data going. I also need to see what it would take to do SQL Server Clustering, cus that would make it work seamless, which would be real nice.

So, that is the news from around here. I leave for Mexico in 5 days. How cool is that?

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