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Cost of trips...

So, right now, I am starting to think its cheaper to go on Vacation then to Mexico for the mission trip. LOL.

Today, I did a bulk of my shopping and wow did I spend some money.

Wal-mart SC on Carlisle: 50.00
Wal-mart on Wyoming: 44.21
Target: 13.87
Lowe's: 27.57

TOTAL: 135.65

Also, still left to do, is buy a cot, which will cost 30 dollars and some snacks for trip up and down. So, I am looking at a total of just under or around 200 dollars.

Plus, I will be taking 100 dollars out of savings to pay for meals on the trip. We have to buy Lunch / Dinner going down, and Dinner comming back. Also, out of that money, I we have to give a donation to our host church in Mexico. Since I am more then able with work and all, I am going to give 20 dollars, but the kids will pay a min of 5 dollars. Also, on the last day we goto the Mercado, and get our turn at talking the price down on goods. LOL. It's so fun, and I hate to use this term, but a reward for the week of hard work. Also, I have taken out a little bit more then I think I will need so that if something comes up, I can help, cus something always does. Kids forget their money; they overspend at the Mercado; we have to bail someone out of Mexican Jail or payoff someone if we hit their car. Ok, simi kidding about the last two, but Mexico is very currupt, and we have not had it happen it, it has been known to happen, and a 20 dollar bill in Mexico goes a lot further then in the US. So its good to have some extra cash hannging around.

Also, this time, I am in a different roll. I am a leader and not a youth, so I also feel a responsibility to help out the youth, cus I have been there before. I think the first year I went, I spent all my money at the Mercado on the last day, and had nothing left for dinner on the way back. That was the year also that my sister went, so, I think she helped me out. The last time I went, one of the kids bascily did the same thing I did, so I helped him out with dinner, so he was not left just eathing the free roles. LOL. Sometimes I wonder about these Kids, but this will be a very good trip for the kids, and I hope it changes the world in there eyes.

I think it was also a little bit of a shock to the Kids when they found out how long we are going to be one the road just going down. We told them the trip down can take anyway from 4 to 5.5 hours depending on traffic, road work, and all that other fun stuff. Lets also hope that what happend the last time, does not happen this time.

Last time, one of the cars we took going down to El Paso was Kathy's (our Youth and Family director)(which she was not driving, cus she could not go that time), and well, about 50 to 70 miles outside of Las Crucis, her trasmission gave out. So I was not in her car, but I was almost the only other person with a cell phone, so the car I was in got called. So, we turned around, and went back the 10 or 15 miles they were back (due to the time it took to call me, me to answer, and so on). They told me what the car was doing, so on, took in, under, and around the car, and said we would see if we could nurse it into town. Well, we get maybe 5 miles down the road, and it's getting bad. So this is when I check the fluids in the car, and well, lets just say, I could not get any transmission fluid on the Dip Stick. So, the person who was driving the car ,Else who is a older woman, told us to just get the kids in the car we were in, and she would ride in to Las Crucis with the Tow Truck driver. So, we left Kathy's cell phone with her, and took off. I called Else a few times that night to make sure she got in to Las Crucis fine, and got a hotel room and all. I also called her that morning before we crossed the border just to check in. I think I also was able to call her from Mexico a few times since our build site was so close to the border I was getting US cell service. So, we pray this does not happen to us this time.

So, if you can not tell, I am a little pysiced up about the trip, and it's still a little over a week off. So, I guess even when you get older, or if you have gone manytimes before, its still something that I look forward to.

Well, it's now 1am, so I really should goto sleep.

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