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My first rant about hell....

Ok, so it has been about 85 deg's in my office for about the past 2 weeks or so. The only help my boss was today was to say, well, we could try to get to work earlyer in the morning, to which I said, "I tried that last year, and it did not help, and the only thing it made me was more tired, and bitchy", and he said that we could work thur our lunch break (which violates osha shit) and take off an hour earlyer at 4pm, but I did that last week, and he fucking bitched me out for it, and told me "...That tomaro, your are going to take a break". Now granted, he has been under some stress, but that is no reason to take it out on me. I really should remind him that I have been with the company the longest out of all our employies, and I have only been with the company 2.25 years. Does that say something about the place I work. The temp does not only suck durnig the summer, but during the winter, if the boss does not turn on the heaters first thing when he comes in, then it's like 55 deg's in the office. Only if I could get that switched, and have it be 55 deg's in the office durning summer, and 85 during the winter, I think we would be set. Also today, one of my co-workers ask me "Why does one of our domains not work?" and I'm like "I dont know, but I will check on that and let you know" so I do, and come to find out, my great boss of the year (ya right) did not pay the damn hosting bill for like the past 3 months, so with the policy of the hosting company, they locked down our domain names and our hosting, including the domain name that just points to our new domain name at another (better) hosting outfit. The domain might I add that is paided up, and more then likly they violated federal law today. But I really dont give a shit right now, so I dont care.

On a differnt path in hell, this one called church, I and a friend (who is a youth director in town) she and I spent half the night just talking cus we are both pissed at different churchs and other stuff that adds drama to both our lifes. So, it was good that we both got to let off some steam about that subject, but still I need more "HELP" when it comes to the drama of church and church things. On a plus side, I'm back on church council after really never leaving. I did loses the elcection back in may, but cus my term does not end until August/September and another church council member resinged, and I only lost by 4 votes, I'm back on for another year or so. So that is cool.

So, yes, that was my first post about hell, or about the things that are not right in my life, but maybe, (sometime soon I hope) the title of this will change, cus it will no longer be drama, or hell, but something that I can deal with, and something that does not take years off my life. LOL. So with that, I bid everyone a goodnight, and hope everyone takes care of them self.

Peace and Love
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