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I love other peoples computer screw up's

So, was having some major issues tonight. Ok, strike that it was only, I was told by 2 different ticket agents on the phone that there whole reservation system was down. Now, I was starting to panic cus the hold I had put on the tickets I wanted was due to expire at 11:59pm on Friday, June 17 2005 (my local time).

So, 9:30pm was when I started to try and buy my tickets. My tickets were at 364.50 base, with 39.30 in taxes for a total ticket price of 403.80. But, when I tried to buy it the first 300 times, it kept giving me errors, which pissed me off. So, I finally around 10:50pm, called the number that was given in the error, and that was when I was told that whole system was down, and to try again in 30 min. So, just for good measure I gave it 40 min. So, now it's 11:30 pm, and I check my seats, and go to click the "Buy now" button.

Well, then it gives me some shit about the price has changed to 501.00 base price, and would I like to continue, and I was like, fuck no! So, then I click their "Back" button, and go back, to make sure none of the flight crap has changed. So, I try it again, but get the damn little error again. So, I do that a few times, with getting the error or the 501 price screens. So, I final call them, cus even if the system is working right, I'm not paying 501 as a base price, hell that is why I put that ticket on hold, so it would hold me seats on the flights I wanted, and keep the price at what I saw.

So, I get this guy named Steve or Scott, hell I don't remember. So he asks for the "hold number", and I give it to him. He pulls it up, and says well its showing a price of 374.00 for the tickets. I'm thinking great, 374 as a base price, but at this point, I was getting ready to say what the hell, I will pay it. So, he says that everything on his side is working right, and should be on my side. So, the conclusion that we came to was that my computer must have been using a cached version of the page on my computer. So, I ask the guy to hold, and stay on the line with me, which he does. So, I go thru and clear all that fun stuff.

I then re-launch IE again, go back to, login, and grab my hold. So, now it's about 11:53pm. I check the seats one last time, getting the ones I want for sure since this will go thru one way or another. So, then I click the "buy now" button, and I see that the base price is 340.00, which is almost 25 dollars cheaper. Add in the taxes and all that fun crap, and I ended up saving about 30 dollars.

Even the AA ticket agent guy said he has never seen it give someone a better price then what it had in the system before, so I guess I should be real happy. LOL. Also, I went after my ticket was booked, and checked to see what the price would be if someone booked that flight, and the cheapest ticket price was 350 base, and that is what it has been at for 3 or so days now.

So, since the server had issues, and I had to call them, and everything did not go right, I got a much cheaper price for the flight that I wanted. If everything had worked like it should have I would have paid about 30 dollars more. So finally a major computer fuckup that helped me! GO ME!

Ok, that’s it for now.

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