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Thank someone it's Friday!

Hell ya it's Friday!

So, work was good, but now I am tired, and still have meetings to deal with. So, my boss agreed with me that we should pay 800.00 dollars and upgrade our old server, so that we can run Great Plains on it also. That way we will have two production worthy servers. One will be the regular server, and the other will be the backup server for that just incase. They will be almost the same, and will use the same SATA RAID cards, and normal SATA controlers, so that parts can be taken from one to use in the other if that is needed.

Basicly I'm going to "Pimp my Dell" lol. It will be a Dell computer, but with half it's guts riped out and replaced with 3rd party items. This should be real fun, cus I am taking a computer that used to have a back plane, and removing that. So, this really should be fun. I prob will end up keeping all the cards and drives so, that I can use it in our other dell if I have to. So, having some parts laying around, and upgrading the server storage space by 660 gb is not bad. LOL. All this for under 800 dollars too. God, I remember when a 500 mb drive used to cost like 250. I just paid .48 cents per GB of storage. That rocks!

Well, that is all for now, cus I need to head home, fix dinner, then to my night of meetings.

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