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I love spending other peoples money

So, I finally got the stupid SATA card to work in the server last night. It turns out that the power connectors that I was using were not really hooked up to the power supply. So I pulled the power out of the DVD burner, split it, and took one to the new hard drive and the other back to the CD burner.

Today I have been looking one line at what it’s going to take to upgrade the storage on one of our older servers. All I'm going to say is, GOT MONEY? lol.

Here are the specs I looking at upgrading the server to:
* SATA RAID 0+1, using (4) 250 GB SATA Hard Disks.
* SATA Controller Card, connected to (1) 160 GB SATA Hard Disk.

Right now, the computer that I am looking at upgrading is our Dell Poweredge 2300 Server, with SCSI Backplane. My problem is that SCSI drives are massive amounts of money, and trying to save the backplane and use it would just add more money then ripping it out. A 150GB SCSI drive costs around 600 dollars, where I can get a 250GB SATA Drive for around 175 dollars. So my plan is to rip out the backplane, add in a SIIG SATA 4-Channel RAID Controller. I'm going to mirror the server’s config, and have (4) 250 GB Drives in a RAID 0 + 1. So, that will leave about 500 GB of storage space. Then, I'm going add a straight SATA controller with no raid, and attach a 160 GB hard disk to that. The 160 GB drive is used to backup the DB's 6 times a day (every 2 hours from 7am-7pm). Now our dive count is up 5 drives. The way the dell was built, it supports 6 drives, so in my first plan I wanted to have a spare drive. The spare drive would be used to allow the computer to start rebuilding the drive array right away. But when I got to looking at 6 channel RAID cards, the cost was just too high. So that idea is off the table.

Anyway, as to why I say "GOT MONEY?" is that right now, the cheapest this can be done is for 1,032.94. I think I will be able to sell Dennis on it, as it will take our downtime from around 48 hours, to just under or around 2 hours. So, yes, right now it will add a lot of up-front cost, but in the end, it will pay for its self, cus it will mean I will use less overtime, our employees will be able to get more down if there is server issues.

So, I am thinking that Friday or Monday I will float my idea by Dennis, and get all the AUTHS I need to start getting all the parts ordered, so they will be here ready for me when I get back from Mexico.

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