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Traffic Lights and More Computer Stuff...

So you never realize how well traffic lights can move traffic, until they do not work anymore. Coming into the office today, I decided to take the freeway as it was a little before 9am, and traffic seem to be moving. So, I took the Comanche off ramp from I-25, and as normal I move to the most right lane. Well, when I approach the intersection, I thought I saw someone standing in the middle of the intersection. Well turns out I was right, it was an APD cop. So my first reaction was great, there is an accident in the middle of the intersection or some crap like that. Well, then I look up at the traffic light, and nothing. It's just not working at all. No flashing red, no flashing yellow nothing. So then it all makes sense. They are directing traffic cus the bloody light is out.

So we wait and wait and wait. The one thing they are doing, is only allowing one movement at a time (movement being, southbound traffic to eastbound, or westbound to southbound. So that really makes me mad, cus I know how the lights work at this intersection, and you can do more then one movement at a time. For example, you can do Westbound to Southbound, and have the westbound traffic continue thru the intersection. Or as in our case, they had the Southbound to Eastbound traffic turning, but would not allow the Southbound traffic to move thru the intersection at the same time. It just makes me realize well traffic lights work.

Ok, I'm done ranting about that. Now on to my next subject of ranting. Computers.

Last night, at 5pm, I had scheduled some planned work on the server to add in new 2 port SATA Controller and then also to add in a SATA hard disk. So, I get the SATA Controller in the computer, hook up the drive, run power to it, and power the bad boy up. Well, it sees the controller card fine, but does not see a hard disk. So, I figure, well let me try a different disk. Nope, that does not work. So, I try chaning out power connectors. Nope. Try a whole bunch of things, and nothing wants to work. So, by that time it was getting close to 6pm, and my mother had wanted to have dinner with me, so I give up. Remove it all, and get the computer backup and running.

So this morning, I try and install the SATA Controller in one of our test servers that is also running Windows 2003 server, and it works fine. It sees the card fine. It sees the hard drive fine. When I enter Windows, everything works just fine. It shows the HD and shows volumes on it and all that fine and dandy shit. So now I'm left trying to figure out why it did not work in our server. The only thing that I can think of is power consummation to the hard disks. We have a 550 W power supply in that server, but we are also running, 4 Hard disks in a RAID 0+1 config, A DVD-RW & a DDS4 tape drive. But I do not think its power issues, cus also talking with my father today one the phone, which if there is a power drop in the case, then nothing would work. So, we shall see.

Also since this is the production server, it sucks, cus I can only give things a try after hours, which limits my time I can try and figure out what the hell is going one.

So, that is my post for now,

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