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Wow, that was the week from....

Ok, so was not really the week from hell, but close to it. I mean, the week did have its high points, and major major low points.

One of the high points were sleeping in a box and bonding with the people who I'm going with to Mexico. I took lots of photos, and even posted some here. So, all in all, it was a very fun event, and I'm now looking forward to Mexico more then I was before. Speaking of Mexico, I leave in 13 days, so I am happy.

Also, I got to go down to the Lake this weekend. One of my co-workers invited me to comedown, so I did. Her son, Brain who is a about my age, was also there, so it was lots of fun. I was only down at the lake for about 9 hours, but it was hella fun. I went tubing and boy does my body hurt from it. The lake was very choppy from the wind, but we still were able to have fun. It was really just nice to have my feet in the water, and to be out on a boat. The last time I was down at any lake was back in October of 2004, so it was nice to get out again.

Sunday night, I traveled to Santa Fe, for a meeting of the Sangre de Cristo Chapter of  Lutherans Concerned/North America. Got to see some people I have not seen in a few months, and some new faces also. It was a really good meeting. We watched a 30 min movie called: RIC: It’s About Being Church, all about the RIC (Reconciling in Christ) program, and the process it takes to become a RIC church or organization. Also, our next meeting is planned for sometime in Late August, or early September in Albuquerque this time. Please let me know if this sounds like something any of you would like to be a part of, and I can give you all more details.

So, yes, I did lots of driving this weekend, over 550 miles, but it was fun. I must say all that driving gave me the Road Trip fix I have been needing for a month or two now. I love to get out on the open road, leave the city and just drive which explains why I love road trips soo much. I think I also did something new for the first time in my life this weekend; I went under the speed limit by choice coming back from Santa Fe. Coming back, I decided to just fallow the people in front of me (who had also been at the meeting in Santa Fe), and Dave drove about 70 to 73 all the way back, so that was a new experience for me.

Ok, now for the bad stuff about the week, which is what my whole last post has been about. Does anyone remember about 10 posts back, back on the first of the months, when I posted "Summer Jesus"? Well, in that post I said that "I'm soo going to get smited this one", and well fokes, I think I did. LOL. I'm not saying God or Jesus caused my server to crash or anything like that. All I know is that God has a great and sometime weird sense of humor, and I think I just got a taste of my own medicine.

So anyway yes, our server here at work crashed, and crashed good it did. I had to reformat the server, reload Windows 2003 server, reload stuff from backups, and reinstall Great Plains / Dynamics. I did get it done in record time that even surprised me. So, I did get 55 hours in for the week. I even took a few half days last week, so that number is still very high.

Well, that’s the update on what I have been up to.

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