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No motivation...

So, I hate days like today. I have had no motivation to do anything. I do not know why, I'm just not motivated today. Yesterday is a whole different story.

I got working so hard on something that I worked right thru lunch, and next thing I know, Kathy is calling me @ 3:45, telling me which movie and time the youth group was going to go see. Since, I had worked thru my lunch (not on purpose), I decided what the hell, and saw Madagascar with the youth group as a send off to one of our youth, who is going to Madagascar on a mission trip. So the movie was great I must say, and then we went to sonic for dinner.

So after that, I went to the house that I'm watching, and did some stuff. My parents dropped by cus I wanted to show them this house, as it totally rocks. lol. Did some laundry around 9:30 and finally got to sleep around 11 or 11:30pm. I did not sleep very well. Part of is that it got much cooler out side then I thought it was going to last night, so I froze a little. Also, the pillows they have on the bed are the memory foam, so I think with the amount I roll around in my sleep, it was hard for me to get used to it. I will try it again tonight, and if I have the same issue with my sleep, I will be getting a pillow from my place.

So, right now, I'm trying to write a letter to Brad's boss, about the great job he did with trying to get us to move to Nextel, which we did not. And so, you are going, since you did not go to Nextel, why are you writing a letter about all the great things he did. Well, it’s because we are not moving right now due to all the changes that have happened around the company. We want to give it some time to settle down around here, and then prob in about a year, we will look at moving cell phone company’s again. Also by that time, the Nextel / Sprint merger should be finished, so that should open up a whole new level of service from Nextel.

So that is my update for now. I have another meeting tonight, this makes the 3 night in a row I have something going on.

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