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Just another monday...

So today has been, well, it's been a Monday to say the least. But it has been good.

Yes, I did have today off from work, but that does not mean that I can just not do my job. Even with holidays and such, I still have things in the office that must be done. They must be done from the office, so it’s not like i can just VPN to the office and do it all from the comfort of my house. I can do a lot of it over the VPN, but there are just something’s, like physically changing the backup tapes, which require me to grace my presents at the office. So, with waking up early to check the security computer to make sure the doors were still locked, and did not unlock @ 7:30am per normal schedule, and the backups stuff, I still got 3 hours of work done today.

So, with having the bulk of the day off from work, I went with my parents and grandma to Santa Fe. First off, let me tell you that I know remember why I never travel on major holidays. The traffic going up to Santa Fe was hell. It seemed as if no one could do the speed limit, and not like when I don’t do the speed limit cus I'm speeding. No, everyone seemed to want to do 60 or 65 today (in a bloody 75 zone). Its not like the roads were bad (well no worse then NM roads are anyway), no weather problems, nothing. I would like to blame it all on the out of town / state folks, but it was also our great New Mexico drivers too. The same people who think the left lane is for driving and not passing. Also I thought, ok lots of traffic, only 2 lanes on interstate each direction its just packed. Well, nope. There were very large gaps created by these dumb people who could not do the speed limit. Also, what pissed me off today was I had made the decision that I was just going to do the speed limit all the way to Santa Fe since before I left town I had seen 2 cops pull people over. So what is normally a 35 to 45 min drive took like 1 hour.

So lunch was great, and then we went over to the National Cemetery. By the time we got done with lunch, the place was less packed then when I saw it coming into town since I took the bypass. When I got into Santa Fe at noon, the place was packed. The were parking anywhere they could find, which includes the dirt areas around the small interchange type thing there, where 285/84 splits into St Francis Dr and Guadalupe St, which is right around the entrance to the Cemetery. So, after lunch we left my car at the restaurant, and went in one car, which also means I did not have to worry about navigating the mess of people, cars, and other crap.

So, we visited Barbara's grave, and I held it together. My grandma got me flowers to put on her grave (cus she is the best). Then next, we went and visited my Grandpa's grave. All in all, it was very good. I still can not believe it will be 3 years in August. It just does not feel like it has been that long already. There are still times that part me can not believe that he is dead. He was just such a large staple in the family, at times its hard to believe he is really gone. Also in August will mark 6th months since Barbara died.

For you people who did not know Barbara, read these posts, as they explain a lot about her, and how I knew her.

So, this week is going to be just crap.
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No Sleep.
Sometimes my mind needs to SHUT UP!

I really do miss her, but you know, she is in a much better place where she does not need or have to worry about things. No health problems to worry about. She is back with her husband now, family & friends. So she is better off.

Also, as Erik (Pastor at my church) says, the hole will always be there and it will hurt, but that is why we have to continue to tell the stories with friends. That is something that with all the deaths and funerals I have dealt with over the past 3 years over the years I really do believe in. I mean I will always miss her, and it will hurt, but talking about all the fun that we had over the years helps to alive the pain. I mean this is the woman who in her last days saw a doctor she liked, so she grabs his ass. Or the doctor that woke her up at 2am to check something, she started to write that he was a "add cuss word here", but we cut her off before she could write the whole thing. Or in her last few hours, she wanted a Subway sub, and a large Pepsi. She was one fun, feisty woman that is missed by lots of people.

Ok, so that’s more then enough crying for one night. Also, I really should think about sleep as it's closing in on 2am, and I have to be up at 7am.

Thanks for reading & I hope you all had a great holiday,

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