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Viva Las Vegas, well not really...

So, tonight my parents, grandma, and I went to "Viva Las Vegas" presented by NM Symphony Orchestra at the Sandia Casino Amphitheater. It was great. Not only was it the Symphony band, but they also had a great singer by the name of Michael Andrew, and this guy can sing. They did songs by Frank Sanatra, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, & others. It was great. But what made it even better, at the end of the show, way after the sun had set, they had fireworks set to the music. The first song they did with the fireworks was New York, New York by Frank Sanatra. Michael sang on that song, and it was great. They then did 3 other songs all to fireworks, and it was amazaing to be that close to the music and the fireworks. So, all in all, it was a great way to spend a Sunday evening with Family.

Monday, I'm heading up to Santa Fe with my parents & grandma, and we are going to get some lunch, go fart around, and then to see my grandpa's grave & a close friend who died this year's grave. Both are at the National Centeray. I do think this trip is going to be a little harder for me then normal, as this will be the first time I have been up to visit Barabra's grave since her death in Feb of this year. It's only been 3.5 months since she died, and well, I'm kinda not sure how to handle my self tomaro. I mean, it's not like I have not been to peoples graves before, but she was a really close friend. She was the type of person who knew how to make you laff, knew when you needed a good hit upside the head if you were out of line, and she just new how to have fun, even at 60 + years. All I can say is I hope I have as much fun with life as she did. She lived life, had fun doing it, and never looked back.

Well, I'm off to bed or something else, cus well, my butt is woped.

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