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I love the smell of rain after it floods.

So, yesterday it rained so much it flooded. It was nothing big or anything, but it was starting to look like I could take a swim in the parking lot. What I find funny, is that earlyer on Friday a bunch of us from the office went to lunch at mexican place down in the north valley, and we sat out on the patio. It was clear, sunny, and in the mid 80's. So we heard the weather guy say the night before that there were going to be showers, and we were laffing going, where in the hell are they? lol. But, as much as it's flooding in the state, we still need rain.

So, speaking of lunch, it was a blast. It was Dennis (my boss), Carl (Service Mang.), his wife & little girl, Laura (payroll), Linda (accounts payable), and one of our service techs, whos name excapts me. It was a great lunch. It was this this mexican jonit down on North 4th Street right before Paseo Del Norte. We sat out on their patio and it was a great way to end the work week (since we took a half day on Friday).

Well, I'm sure there is more I could write about, but I cant think right now.

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