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a comment that turned into a post...

So, this started out as a comment in my sisters journal, trinity_kate about the end of the quarter and how she needs to clean her dorm room. Well, lets just say that it got so long, I felt it could use to be posted here in my own journal.

Like my sister, she is not the only person who had their living area explode during their last week of class / finals. My problem, I went straight from school & work to working full time and then some. So my place still looks like it exploded, and then a twister came thru.

And now that I'm starting my month long (feels like anyway), house sitting gigs, I have no clue when I'm going to clean my bloody place. I mean, right now I'm house sitting for the Davis. That started today (May 25) and ends Sunday afternoon or Monday afternoon. They have not figured out when they are coming home yet. Then, on Wednesday (June 1st), I start house sitting for the Brugies. They get back on June 13th.

So, then right now, I have no house sitting jobs scheduled between June 14th and June 25th. A whole 10 days or so to get ready for Mexico. Can I start pulling my hair out now?

Then on June 26 to June 30th, I will be in Mexico. I will be building a house, so my ass will be wiped for about a week after that.

Also, not to mention that I'm watching my parents house from July 1st (the day after I get back from Mexico) to about July 10th, as they will be up with my Sister in Ohio. At least I will not have to deal with animals, but I will have to deal with very fun rush hour traffic from the bloody westside to my office. That rush hour traffic is the reason why I got an apartment on the east side of town.

Now fitting in to this mess, many meeting, prob a upgrade to the server at work, and a bunch of other crap, and well, it may be mid to late July before I have time to clean. Yikes. Or, I will just have to take a half day or something, but I don’t know yet. It all depends on what breaks at work, and how much fun it will be to fix. All, I can say is that I better get it cleaned up by the time my sister is done with CPE, cus she it coming back to town. And I know she has seen my room messy, and even my apartment mess for that matter, but I like to have it clean for family.

Well, now with that said, I'm off to dream land (I hope). The wind is blowing here from 30 to 60 MPH, wiht gusts higher then that, so it's going to make for a long fucking night. That, and the part of Corrales where my parents live has no power due to the wind, and there was a massive explosion down in the south valley, where power lines fell on a truck causing that to exploded, so its going to be fun.

The funniest thing I have heard about the wind so far, was when Ch 4, said that one of their competitors had a satellite blown right off their property. That’s when you know it blows out side.

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