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Today flew by...

So, Today just flew past.

I got half way to the office this morning, and figured out I had forgot my cell phone back home, so I had to turn around a run after that. So, I finaly got into the office at 8:30am. The day started out slow, then just started to move along. I had planned on getting my oil changed at Lunch today, but that never happend. Heck, lunch never happend. Things were moving right along, and it was 10am, then 2pm, next thing I know its 5:30pm.

But, the good thing about today was I found a peice of software that will finaly do what I want it to. It's called LucidCMS. Every other peice of software that I have found does full site mangament, but only in reffernce to news and forums websites. So, I'm hopping this will do what I want beacuse I tired of looking for software to do this.

I'm wiped from working 9 hours stright, so I'm hopping for an early bed time tonight. Wednesday I start house sitting, so that will be good and bad. Good cus it's mo money, and good cus it's fun, but bad cus I dont get to sleep in my own bed, and requires more drive time, as I still have to hit my aparment in the morning. When I house sit for the 13 days in June, I think I'm going to put my paper on hold, so I will only have to drop by once every 2 to 4 days.

As for the whole dish network reciever thing, I'm still not sure if I'm going to do it, and I may just wait until I get back from Mexico, since I'm really not going to be sleeping at my apartment that much here in the next month.

Also, talking about the whole Mexico thing, I'm going to be homeless for one night, but I'm not alone in this. 30 other people are going to be homeless as well. One of our fundrasers for the Mexico trip, is sleeping out in cardboard boxes, on the church lawn, or somewhere on church property. So, if you want to help and you all know you do, Monday June 6th, starting at 4pm, and thru evening rush hour in to the night, then ending Tuesday morning June 7th, after morning rush hour. We are hoping to get media coverage, so if you have contacts, please let me know very soon, so I can get them to Pastor Erik. He is doing all of our contact with the media. So, here it is, all the info:

What: Sleeping in Cardboard boxes
Where: Holy Cross Lutheran Church - 6901 Wyoming Blvd Ne, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109.
When: Monday June 6th @ 4pm to Tuesday June 7th @ 9am.
Why: Fundraising for our mission trip to Mexico to build a house for a family in Mexico.
Media Contact: Rev Erik Karas - (505) 821-4676.

I still have to figure out what I'm doing that night, since it falls during my house sitting. I'm thinking I will hang around until midnight, then show back up around 4 to 6 am. That way I can go back to the house, sleep a little, feed animals, take care of all that good stuff, then still be back to help in the morning rush hour.

So that is it for now, I will post next when I can.



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May. 24th, 2005 09:02 pm (UTC)
Hey, Kevin....
Just wanted to let you know that I've started my own journal. Sometimes, I too, need a safe place to rant and rave about my day, my life, church, etc. Tee hee... Anyway, it will be a great way (hopefully) for me to keep in touch with folks back home.

I see you guys were able to change the date for your homeless gig - stupid Erik! Planning it on a night when we weren't going to be around! Also, I've gotten him connected to Paula W. for media contacts. I figured from one non-profit to another....

See you soon. Kelly
May. 24th, 2005 11:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Hey, Kevin....
I'm glad to hear that you have somewhere to write about life. That is why I started one of these things, is beacuse I wanted to write things down in my life, mainly back when I had the crap for job & all the stress that went with that.

I decided on a "livejournal" for two reasons. 1st, I wanted something I could hit up anywhere I was in front of a internet computer, and second, Kate and a few of my friends had one, so it was the system with the most friends on it.

Also for hooking Erik up with Paula, that is such a great idea. Why did I not think of that, or Erik for that matter. Well, if Erik can not even remember his schedule, with his pocketPC infront of me, then why would I think he or my self would think of hooking up with Paula. Now, see where would we be with out you? Lost, and totaly clueless. LOL.

* (and Erik, if you are reading this, you know I still love you, even if I give you shit).

Well, as I said in my other comment, it's getting late, and I really should get some sleep. As I also said in my other comment, I will help you with all of this, cus it's not the most user friendly system. See, this is what happens when you let geeks and nerds design things. You get really great systems, but your user friendlyness goes to crap.

May. 25th, 2005 02:52 pm (UTC)
What Dish Network thing?
What Dish Network thing are you talking about???? When are you heading south of the border? Let me know... =)


May. 25th, 2005 06:00 pm (UTC)
Re: What Dish Network thing?
Well, I have dish in my apartment now, but I'm thinking of add another reciver in my bedroom.

As for when I head south for the summer, lol, I'm going to Mexico the last 4 days in june, so the 26 to 30th.

anything else you want to know?
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