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Saturday night movie & me being a geek!

So, I rented a movie tonight, ya big shock there. lol. I was able to find a copy of "In Good Company" over at blockbuster.

So it was a very good movie, but was totally not what I was accepting. I was expecting more comedy, less drama, but it's all-good. Topher Grace & Dennis Quaid were great. I just loved it. So, it was a good surprise as it was not what I thought the movie would be.

So, I really am starting to think there is going to be NetFlix in my future. It's only 9.99 a month for one at a time, and that is unlimited per month. I just paid 4.05 at Blockbuster, and that is for one movie that is due back in 3 days. With Netflix I can keep the movie as long as I want. So, I really think its worth it. Or if I want to bump it up more, I can get 2 movies a month for 14.99 a month.

I worked 4.5 hours today, but fixed the 2003 company error that Wennsoft said would be hard to fix, since the conf call ended on Friday with me zipping and uploading the company to there FTP server, so they could look at it and try to fix it. Judy, the team lead of the tech I have been working with told me that they would get Development on it also. LOL. So, how did we fix it you are asking, well I will tell you.

We created a new blank (test / transfer) company, and ran the upgrade of Wennsoft on that company DB. Then using the great tools in SQL Server 2000, we imported just the payroll stuff from the 2003 company, since that is all that is in there. Then we delete the 2003 company & created a new DB in it's place with the same name. Ran the wennsoft upgrade on it, and that went fine. So, then we just reported all the payroll stuff backin from the test / transfer company, and bang. It worked. The most fucking easy solution, and it only took how many months to fucking figure out? LOL. I also love that tech support could not figure this one out. LOL. That is why my mood is "geeky". LOL. So, I'm still going to let Wennsoft hack our old 2003 company DB that I uploaded to their server, just cus I want to know what caused it, and what it took for them to fix it.

Well, that is all for now.


Also, check out the new userpic, I love that one, and laffed when I saw it.
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