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I am a e-mail whore!

I hate east cost company’s. LOL. Well, ok not really, but here is what is going down, and why I hate East cost company’s, and why I think if I was a west cost person, I would be even more pissed.

Earthlink is my ISP, and well, tonight, for like the second time in one month, they are doing maintenance on e-mail server(s). Also, this is not like LJ maintenance, where it lasts for only 5 to 30 mins, and you can still read everything, and just not post. This is, everything is down. I can not send or get my e-mail from outlook or web mail. Now for the reason why I'm pissed. They are doing it from 12am to 6am. But the problem is that is Eastern Time, so take 2 hours off, and my e-mail is down from 10pm to 4am, sucks sucks sucks.

Yes, I’m an e-mail whore. There I said it. But, I have not figure out why earthlink is doing it this way. My old e-mail provider was ATT Worldnet, and whenever they would do maintenance on the e-mail server(s), they would do it on a user-by-user basis, so each user would only be down for about 15 to 30 min.

So, this also brings me to my next point in this rant, why do they do this shit during finals times. The first round they did was like the first weekend of finals, and more and more of my profs are requiring things be done via e-mail. So, my thing is they should just wait until 99% of colleges are done with finals and stuff, and then do a upgrade.

So yes, now I'm just ranting cus I need to and I can.

So, my next update will be much better, trust me! As it is going to happen in like 5min

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