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Why are all the showes I like cancled

So, CBS has canceled "Joan of Arcadia".
So, WB has canceled "Jack & Bobby".
So, UPN has canceled "Enterprise".
So, NBC this year canceled "LAX" & "Father of the Pride".
Fox has not come out with there fall schedule yet. I think that happens Thursday.

So, why is it that all the shows I seem to like are the ones that get canceled. Yes, it may just be that I watch crap & like it, but damn this is starting to piss me off. Any the networks wonder why I don’t watch TV that much anymore. Channels like USA, which has "MONK" and discovery which has "American Chopper" & "Myth Busters" are what I'm watching now. I do think that TNT & USA show a little too much Law & Order, but at least I know that any night of the week, I can prob catch an episode if I want. LOL. I think all the networks (NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, WB, and UPN) all need to take a lesson from the likes of HBO, USA, & Discovery and create new shows that are fun to watch. They need to stop it with the damn reality TV programming, cus that got old a long time ago.
I mean, even reality TV is nothing new, hell, MTV was doing it long before the networks were with shows like "Real World" & "Road Rules".

So, everyone feel free to comment with what programs you like that have been axed this year or for the up coming fall season. Because I wonder if I'm the only one, or if there are others out there like me.
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