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The weekend in rerun...

So, this weekend has been fun, but busy. I might take a half day Monday or Tuesday to get some things done that did not happen this weekend.

Saturday I was out of bed around noon, or so. I ran to get my passport renewed on the westside before 2PM (When they stoped doing passports), so I should have it in 3 weeks. So, now that is done, I feel better. Then I spent the day running around with my father, looking at new doors for there house, going to petsmart, wal-mart, and a few other places. Checked up on the dog, and he is doing better, but still having issues poor guy. Hell, he is only like 14 years old. We then went to dinner at a normal time, 6pm or so, and had some good food over at Fudruckers. I got home around 7:30pm, and think I had passed out in my bed by 8pm. Slept for a few house, then woke up around midnight, watched some tv, then went back to sleep.

Sunday I awoke to someone calling my cell phone at 8:30am. It was then that I sat stright up in bed, and remember that Erik had called me, to tell me that the phones at church were not working again, and what I showed him to fix it did not work this time. So, I ran over to church at 8:40, fixed the phones, and came back to my apartment. I then took a shower, got ready and went out, got the parts I needed to fix the phone system for good. Picked up some breakfast from Einstein Bagel company. Got to chruch around 9:45, the time I had planned on waking up. Fixed the phone system for good (I hope). Church was good, but packed cus it was Confermation Sunday, so everone and there dog was there. Plus lots of family intown to see there grandkids get confermoned and all that fun crap. I talked with Kelly, Eriks wife and that was good.

So, after churched I help Lori, a friend watch her kids, cus her husbien was out in Santa Fe in a 100 mile bike race. That lasted for about 8 hours. Ya, thats right, I said 8 hours, but it was all good, cus I made money, and got free lunch and dinner. So, after helping Lori with her kids, I remembered that I had to still do the weekend backups over at my office. So, I ran to my apartment, got the backup tapes, and ended up puttin in a few hours at work.

So, now its 11:40, and I'm watching Kojak on USAnetwork. Good show, and I'm just trying to relax after my busy day.

As for new music, I picked up Mark Schultz's new CD, "Songs & Stories" and I'm really just loving it. There is one song that just reminds me of my life. It's track 6, and the song is called "Running Just to Catch Myself". I'm going to put the lyircs behind a cut, as they will be longer. It's a really funny song, and I all of you should check out, not only this song, but the whole cd.

Click here for: 30sec clip of 'Running Just to Catch Myself'

I am driving
I am late for work
Spilling coffee
Down my whitest shirt
While I'm flossing
And I'm changing lanes
Oh Yeah

Now I'm driving
Through the parking lot
Doing eighty
What the heck why not
Watch it lady
'Cause you're in my spot
Once again
It's early to work
And here's a surprise
I got a McMuffin for just 99 cents today
I think they ran a special

I can't stand still
Can I get a witness
Can you hear me
Anybody, anybody
I think I am running just to catch myself

Maybe someday I could fly away
Go to Key Largo or Montego Bay
Sport my speedo, maybe grab a tan
A dream vacation, wild elation
Now I'm running
Straight into my boss
And he's angry
Oh and he calls me Ross
Which is funny
'Cause that ain't my name
And that's lame
I'm still running
Running very late
For a meeting
Wait, that was yesterday
Guess I'm early for the one next week
Oh how sweet

I get on the ladder
I corporately climb
I wave at my life as it passes me by every day
My name's not Ross


Life in my cubicle is discreet
Life in my cubicle is neat
I've got some pictures of my friends
Some sharpened pencils...where's my pen
Ten O'clock I'm in a meeting
Paper cut I think I'm bleeding
Check my hair it's still receding
Hey what a life

Break for lunch
There's nothing better
Run outside and don my sweater
Like Fred Rogers let's be neighbors
I've lost my mind
I'm over worked
And underpaid
And non-appreciated

It's just a perk of being of being
Middle class
And educated
One... spinning circles in my chair a game of solitaire
Three... And I ponder where my stapler's gone
Four O'clock and I stare at the door
And I stare at my watch
Then I stare at the door
I stand by my desk like I'm going to war
There's just one thing I'll be needing
Grab my paycheck as I'm leaving
Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh
It's five o'clock
It's time to go
There's crowds to fight
And horns to blow
It's talking fast on my cell phone
Hey watch out that's reckless driving

Five O'clock
It's time to leave
To hit the couch
And watch TV
Set the clock and go to sleep
It's 8 am on Monday morning
Again and again and again and again and again

Driving around
Nowhere to go
And so I hang with my lady Oh,
And chill with my bro's
It's okay, in my Cabriolet

I can't stand still
Can I get a witness
Can you hear me
Anybody, anybody
I think I am running just to catch myself

When I meet God
I will have a question
I just forgot my question
I think I am running just to catch myself
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Also here is a really neat story about another song that is on "Songs & Stories" Army teams with Mark Schultz.

So anyway that is my update for now.
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