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Why can I only update this thing once a month.........

Well, it's been over a month since I have updated here. I know, tis tis tis. But hey, I've had finals, I've had work. I've had holiday stuff. So, with out any more wasted space, here is this post:

Merry Chirstmas. Happy New Year. LOL. I say this, cus well, it's that time of year. I also say it, cus I'm going with Kate (my sister) up to Ohio, and will be there with her thru the new year, till Jan 5th, 2005. So, I will be on vacation until then, well minus one day in the office, but I think I can handel that. LOL. I should have e-mail access during this time, and will have my cell phone on, and with me. So, just cus I'm out of the state, done not mean, you can not contact me. but, just dont tell my boss this, cus I really dont want him to be calling me on my break.

Well, that is my update for now.

I will talk with you all later, and tell you what has being going on in my life, and not what is going to happen in my life.


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