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Kevin Murray

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Any Physics Majors Out There? & A General Update.

So, I'm guessing with my limited knowledge of physics, this would not work. Being that the world is round; all 600,000 people jumping at the same time would have no effect, cus it would just cancel each other out. Also, the only way I would partake in this is if I could use the extra hours for sleep, and not at school or work.

So right now, I'm testing idea related to the damn test server, but again I'm having issues. This time I'm running out of hard disk space on the second test server, cus it had a much smaller HD to start. So, I'm feeling a trip to CompUSA is going to be in near future. But, soon we shall see if my idea works, and if so, it going to same soo much time in the testing phase.

So, lets hope it works.
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