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Close calls and some thoughts...

Either I have some one upstairs watching me, or I'm lucky. I would like to believe the first one more then the second one. Also, what they say about most accidents happing with in a mile of our house, and also happing on the street you live on might have come true tonight.

The reason why I say that is sometimes my timing is very good, too good. Tonight on my way home from my parents house, I was on headed south on Louisiana Blvd, the street I live on. I was approaching San Antonio a cross street close to my apartment, and I had the green light. I was about a 1/10 of a mile from entering the intersection when all of a sudden a truck going westbound just blows the red light. Now, it's not like the traffic light for his direction had just turned red, or he was trying to make the yellow, and ended up running the red, this guy (or woman) just bluntly ran the red light. I think the light had been green in my direction for at least 30 second, which in traffic light time & and at this intersection is long. So, I pound my breaks hard, cus in New Mexico driving sometimes feels like fallow the leader, so I did not know if more people were going to blow the red light also. Also, the land on the NE corner of Louisiana & San Antonio sits higher then the road, making it harder to see if traffic is coming or not from the east. So, I approached the light with a great deal of caution.

So, yes, I did make it home safe, but if I had been about 10 seconds earlier I might not have. Things like this can really get you thinking about stuff, and how short life can be.

So, that is my post for now.


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May. 10th, 2005 03:03 pm (UTC)
Your angels were with you, I guess. Stuff happens for a reason...

Red light runners are a huge problem up here, but that's mainly because the system and roads are fucked up...people go damn near comatose waiting for them to change, so things slow down, and, well, it's a viscious cycle.
( 1 Person Thought — Tell Me What You Think )


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