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Thats it, I'm dropping windows.... OK, not really.

Virus Alert: Sober.p prevention and cure

Virus Name: Sober.p (w32.sober.p@mm)
Rank: Medium risk
Type: virus (German and English versions)
What it does: Sends e-mail
Means of transmission: Sober.p travels via e-mail and uses ZIP file attachments to hide an infected PIF file within. Users of Linux, the Mac OS, and UNIX are not affected by this outbreak.
How to recognize: German-language speakers will see e-mail advertising World Cup soccer tickets, while English-language speakers will see messages informing them that their e-mail could not be delivered (among other variations).
Who is at risk: Windows users. Because Sober.p spreads via e-mail and does no other damage, this virus is rated a 4 out of 10 on the CNET Virus Meter
Virus brief
Bilingual viruses are not new, nor is the Sober family of viruses. But someone has once again put the two concepts together and created the sixteenth variation of Sober, Sober.p--W32.sober.p@mm, also known as sober.n (Sophos), sober.o (Symantec), and sober.s (Trend Micro).

Ok, so this really does not affect most normal people, but please everyone, keep an eye out for anything on your computers that does not seem right. So, if you have weird e-mail coming in, or anything like that, keep notice.

What I really love is this is the sixteenth variation of a Sober virus. Now, if we could just get all people who write virus, to use there power for good, we might be able to do great things.

Anyway, I'm off to run and check the computers here to make sure that everything is up-to-date. I just hope this is not one of those viruses that I have to pull the whole network down to clean. Them virus like that suck ass.

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