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Photos of a far time ago

So, yes, as you may guess by the subject, there are photos in this post, so they are behind a cut. Dont worry, its just a link that hides large crap for people on dialup, so all you have to do it click a link.

Anyway now for the history on these photos. I dont know much about these photos, execpt my aunt used to have them, but she told me that she has too many of her own kids, let alone other peoples kids, so she is sending us some. Well, I got them today in the mail, and well, I had to laff a little looking back at history. So, I scaned some in, some I will never show people, cus well, ya. Anyway, here they are:

Image hosted by
A much younger (un-dated) picture of my parents

Image hosted by
A much yonger (un-dated) picture of my sister and I

Image hosted by
A picture of me back when I was age 9, so say 1994

Image hosted by
A picture of me back when I was age 11, so say1996
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