Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Snoop Dogg On How He Avoided A Life Of Gangs...

Graham Norton asking Snoop Dogg how he avoided staying in a life of gangs & other bad things: "When you were young, you were in some bad situations, you were involved in gangs and things, and you would think that is a life sorta mapped out right there. So, what do you think made the difference to you, why did you not get stuck in that? Cus it must be more then talent, it must be something else."

Snoop Dogg: "Like, It was my kids. By me having kids, it slowed me down. It showed me that I had to live for something other then myself. It made me, you know, realize that I needed to be here for my kids, so I couldn't do the foolish things that I did as a young man. I had to become a grown man."
Tags: quotes
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