Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

A Quote From Maya Angelou...

"I think, if your name is mentioned and people say 'oh hell' 'oh damn', I think you're doing something wrong. But if your name is mentioned and people say 'Oh, she's so sweet' 'He's so nice' 'Oh I love...' 'Oh God bless her', there you are. So try to live your life in a way that you will not regret years of useless virtue and inertia and timidity.

Take up the battle. Take it up. It's yours. This is your life. This is your world. I will be leaving it long before you under the ordinary set of circumstances. You make your own choices. You can decide life isn't worth living and that would be the worse thing you can do. How do you know?

So fall. Try it. See. So pick it up. Pick up the battle and make it a better world. Just where you are. Yes. And it can be better. And it must be better. But it is up to us."
- Maya Angelou
Tags: life, quotes
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