Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Joan Rivers Talking About The Three Wise Men ...

Recently Joan Rivers, who normally I can not stand, was a guest with Johnny Knoxville (from the Jackass line of movies) on The Graham Norton Show. So after watching Johnny Knoxville get grossed out by some of the things that Joan Rivers was saying (which was funny in its own right if you have ever seen a Jackass show or movie), the talk somehow turned to religion and the fact that Joan is Jewish.

Well, during the talk on religion, it sounded like Joan had no problem with Christians and Christianity, but she does have an issue with the 3 wise men. Below is what she had to say

"And I don't like the three wise men. I think they brought shitty gifts. I am sorry, you’re going to meet the Son of God and you bring myrrh, frankincense, that's a candle, that's a candle, gold, which I have a feeling was filled with chocolate, and myrrh, I looked it up, its an anal lubricant. Which makes sense, three men, long trip, desert, it makes sense."
I must say that after watching her on the show, I have a new found respect for her. Granted, she still drives me ape shit cus of her voice, but she is one funny lady.
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