Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

VP of the USA Taking Senic Tour of #ABQ!

So who ever thought it would be a good idea to have Biden come in at the start of rush hour and then leave again at what normally would have been the end of rush hour should be fired!

But on the plus side, it was a nice night to not be going anywhere and I did get to see the VPs motorcade & all 75+ cops (just his police escort, not including all those blocking traffic) that were with him.

Once I figured out they were shutting down Paseo Del Norte & I-25 again and there was nowhere I could go, I found a good place to pull off and enjoy the night. I was able to snap this picture from the southwest corner of Paseo Del Norte & Jefferson. I was so close to being home, but with the closure, so far. There was no way I could get home as my house was on the otherside of his route.

I will say that you could have killed someone in ABQ and no one would have known beacuse all the police were watching Biden. I will say that after dealing with this, it should make Balloon Fiesta traffic seem like nothing.

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