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French, french, and more french...

NOTE: Edited to fix my problems.

So, what is below is my French homework. We have our last quiz coming up on Wednesday, and well, we basically have to do what I have done below. We are going to have to conjugate all the forms for Prendre (to take), Mettre (to put), and Boire (to drink). This is going to be lots of fun. NOT, lol.

Also, to continue with more of the dirt side of the French language, below the 3 tables are some more fun French words. All standard disclaimers apply for the cus words, if you don’t want to read them, then don’t.

Prendre (to take), page 165
Je - PrendsNous - Prenons
Tu - PrendsVous - Prenez
Il/Elle/On - PrendIls/Elles - Prennent

Mettre (to put), page 166
Je - MetsNous - Mettons
Tu - MetsVous - Mettez
Il/Elle/On - MetIls/Elles - Mettent

Boire (to drink), page 166
Je - BoisNous - Buvons
Tu - BoisVous - Buvez
Il/Elle/On - BoitIls/Elles - Boivent


Va tu faire foutre - Go fuck off (Non-Formal version)
Allez vous faire foutre - Go fuck off (Formal & Plural version)
L'herbe - do I really have to tell you this one?

Well, thats all for now.
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