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Spelling Tests...

Today was the start of the spring term at CNM, where I am taking classes since Spring of 2008. I hope to graduate at the end of the fall term this year. Its nice to see light at the end of the tunnel, and as my uncle said, its not a train. lol.

Anyway, one of the courses that I am taking is BA 1121 (Business English). This instructor for some reason must think we are back in grade school and not college, cus we are going to have spelling tests. Now these tests are not weekly, but a lot of the time only 48 hours apart. Each test has twenty words that we must learn, and then we will be tested on 10 of the words, but will not know which 10. If this was the only thing we were doing in this class, then I would not worry too much, but its not. We have a lot of material to cover in this class and the other class's that I am taking.

Being that I suck at spelling anyways and I can not memorizing things in a really quick time period, this is not going to work for me. So I did something I've never had to do before: E-mail an instructor on the first day of class.

Below is a copy of the e-mail I sent to my instructor. I feel I got my point across and was very business like. lol. I hope that she will change things, cus if not, I might have to go further up the chain with this, and I really do not want to. This is not how I really wanted to start the term, and really do not want to have to fight on this, but I will.


I was looking over the class schedule for BA 1121 tonight. Right now I am feeling very overwhelmed and am very concerned by the amount of spelling words that we have and the frequency at which we are tested on them. My concerns come in that having twenty words to learn in less then forty-eight hours, most of the time, is too much in addition to the other material that we need to cover not only for your class, but also the other courses in which I am enrolled.

For someone who is a moderate to good speller this might not be a big issue. But for someone like me, who is not good with spelling and not good with memorizing things in a really quick time period, this will not have a good outcome for me. With this being ten percent of my grade, I feel that this will have a detrimental impact to my grade in more then one way. I feel like this could be the the straw that might very well kill my grade in this course.

I know that it might seem like this is early to be saying these things, but I know myself very well. I know where my limit are and feel this is beyond my capability's. In addition, I am very busy inside and outside of the classroom. I am going to school full time and working two jobs, one of which is also full time. Even if this course was my only course I was taking at CNM and I only worked one job; I feel there has not been enough time given to memorize these words.

In the business world, an area in which I work daily, we have different tools at our disposal to make sure that we have spelled these types of words correctly. I fully understand the power that knowing the correct spelling of these words might bring, but am very unsure if this is the correct way to be going about it. If the spelling tests were no more then once per week and if we only had to memorize the actual ten words we are to be tested on, then this might not be as big an issue for someone like me.

I really do not want to see this adversely effect my grade in your course or my grades in the other courses that I am enrolled like I fear it will. I hope that you will take what I have written under advisement and maybe change the amount of words and the frequency of the spelling tests. If you wish to talk with me more about this, please feel free to reply to this e-mail message or you can call me on my cell phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Stuart Murray
Student - BA 1121
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