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It's Saturday @ 7:30pm, do you know where your kids are...

Well, if you are my mom, I'm at work. I'm doing the weekend backups, then off to dinner somewhere.

What’s really funny (and I don't know why I find this funny) is I've worked 6 days a week for the past 2 months (since getting hired at CAC), and it has not affected me yet. Granted I normally only work around 2 to 3 hours on the weekend, but I still thought it would be a pain. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm the only one here on the weekend for the most part, and that I can rock out to very loud music during my time here in the on the weekend. I sometimes think I play music louder here in the office on the weekend then at my apartment. At my old job I hated working on the weekend, and would avoid it when ever I could, but here at CAC, I almost (that is the keyword) welcome it.

Also, I'm house sitting again. I've figure out that in the past month, I have slept in other people's beds / other places more then my own bed. How funny / sad is that. But then again, when I housesit for people, I get money, so it's not all bad. I started Yesterday (Friday), and end on Sunday, so it's only 3 days / 2 nights which is really not bad. Then I think I have about a month and half before my next house sitting "gig".

So, life is good. I'm trying to figure out a cheep way to get internet on my handheld, which would make the whole systems administrator thing much easier. I'm leaning towards getting Sprint PCS VisionSM Smart Device PPC-6600, a pocket pc running the Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 OS, and then adding vision to it.

My only problem is that I don’t want this to be my cell-phone also; cus I need the ability to talk and look things up on my PDA, so we will have to see how much a month this is going to cost. I also like the PPC-6600 as it has keyboard that slides out so it makes inputting this much easy into the PDA, cus lets face it, no PDA likes my handwriting. If you are wondering what my handwriting looks like, just think of a doctors, and then go worse. LOL.

Well, now that I have the backups running, I'm going for chow.

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