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25 Years...

As I sit here at Denver International Airport, having just finished my meeting of the Congergational Ministry's Board of the Rocky Mt. Synod, I am reflecting on having been on this rock we call Earth for 25 years. In case you can not tell, I turn 25 tomorrow. Yes, I have been alive a quarter century and so far, I am happy with how things are gong.

25 is the last major milestone for a while that we measure. For me, these milestones have occurred at 15, 18, 21, and now 25. It was getting my drivers license at age 15, turning 18 where I could legally smoke (which I don't), buy porn (which I do), play the lottery (which I do every now and then), and rent cars (but pay an arm and leg in fees). Now, here I am turning 25. The only thing major about this milestone, other then being alive for a quarter century, is at 12:01am tomorrow, I will be able to rent cars without paying the very large under 25 fee.

As I am traveling more and more, both for personal and business, I am very glad to pass this milestone. Really, the under 25 fee to rent cars has been a pain in the ass more then anything. Its also something which I do not get. I mean, I have a stable job, I own my own house, own my own car, and have my own car insurance, so if I crash and/or trash the rental, its just going to fall back on me (and my insurance) then the car rental company, so I have never understood why they are charing me the under 25 fee. Oh well, thats life I guess.

Getting back on the topic of my birthday (yes, once a year I do get to say its all about me, and this time its the truth! Other times I say it, but really its not about me). I think I have done a lot in 25 years, some of which I hit on above. I graduated high school, not that there was much doubt about that (just don't ask my parents). I got a "real" job (I use the term "real" very loosely). At age 22, I bought my first house, which I am still very proud of. And earlyer this year, with my parents help, I bought my first car (I borrowed my parents car once, and for 9 years, just forgot to give it back to them). Really the only thing I have not done in my 25 years on this rock is my quest for World Domination! I actually have a task in Microsoft Outlook that says "Takeover the world!" and its due tomorrow.

Now there are probally somethings that I have not paid enough attention to in my quest for world domination. My love life would be one of those (I said love life, not sex life). If there is one thing that I regret (and I really do not regret) its not paying enough attention to finding that person that completes me. As I turn 25, I do find myself looking for true love. I am past playing those games and I want love. I want to find that perfect person, and settle down. The other thing, which I have since corrected, is not paying enough attention to my studys. Granted, for the longest time, I was not motivated in what I was doing, which really was affecting my grades. But now that I am in a program that I love (Systems Administration) my grades show how much I love it.

So as I look forward to the next 5, 10, 15, and 25 years on this rock (God, thats a scary thought, me at 50) I wonder what life has in store for me. As I stated above, I want to settle down. Find that man in my life who will complete me & be my other (and probably better) half. I want kids, that I already know! I have not figured out how many, but I do have a rule: No more then you have humans to take care of them, and if you violate that rule, then no more then you have arms / hands.

In a perfect world, I would love to find someone who could be my financial backer to pay my expenses & give me enough to live comfortable so that I could give all my time to work in non-profits who can not afford to pay people. Again, I said in a perfect world, and its also probably my dream world that my mom kept telling me that I lived in growing up :)

Overall, life has been everything and more then I thought it would be. Its not been easy, but then again, no one ever said it would be. You gotta fight and work your ass off for what you want, and I feel that I have done that. What the years ahead hold for me, I do not know. But what I do know is that I am looking forward to the ups and downs that we call life, here on this rock that we call EARTH!
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