Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Can it be, a real update?

I figured its about time I gave a real update on life, work, school, & everything else related to Kevin. I know its been a long time, but I have been uber busy this summer between work, vacations, and then other travel.

Summer started with me buying a new-to-me car in May. I bought a used 2007 Honda Accord from CarMax with only 6,500 miles on it. So basically just like a new car. Since that time, I have put almost 6,000 miles on it. Thats what happens when you take your car on a few road trips in one summer.

Speaking of road trips, i've gotten to travel a lot this summer, much more then I thought I was going to be able to. Back in early June I took a spur of the moment trip down to Frisco, TX (in the DFW Metroplex) to see some friends and help celebrate a friends birthday. Due to money issues, I decided to drive and it was also my first road trip in my new car. It was a really good 4 day trip & I was very glad I went.

Then in July I did two 8 day trips back to back with only 48 hours in between them (ya, I know, what was I thinking?) The first trip was a vacation to Breckenridge, CO with my family & my mom's brother and his family. All in all, it was a great trip and a nice chance to decompress from everything that life has thrown at me. It was also a nice chance to see family that I have not see since Thanksgiving.

Kate (my sister) flew in to Denver on Monday evening and I picked her up and together we made the almost 2 hour drive back out to Breckenridge. Then on Wednesday, one of my cousins had to fly back home because she had school & work, so that morning we loaded her up in my car, and with my father & sister, we drove up to Ft. Collins, CO to see some friends of ours & do some brewery tours. Then after that was all over we drop my cousin the airport, and then had dinner with a friend of my sisters who just took a call (he is a pastor) in NW Denver area.

Friday my sister, 2 of my cousins, and I all drove down to Buena Vista, CO where we did a half-day rafting trip on the Arkansas River in the Browns Canyon area. It was amazing fun, and dead tiring since my fat-ass is so out of shape. After grabbing a quick lunch in Buena Vista we made the drive back to Breckenridge, where I think we were all just pooped out.

Saturday brought an end to the vacation as I had to head home to prepare for my next trip which was just 48-hours away. We did stop in Lone Tree, CO (South Denver) to have lunch with one of my mom's cousins and her husband, both of whom I had not seen since I was very young. After lunch I jetted out to Denver International Airport for the third time that trip to see my sister off and then started to make the long trek back to Albuquerque. All in all, that trip was about 1,600 miles of driving.

So with only about 48 hours back in town, I then left again. This time, I was off to the 2009 ELCA National Youth Gathering in New Orleans, LA, where I was a chaperon for one of the church's in Albuquerque. For some sick reason, we thought it would be a good idea to drive. The first day, we made the drive from Albuquerque to Tyler, TX which for those of you playing the home game, is 745 miles and over 12 hours of driving not including stops. The second day, we drove from Tyler, TX to New Orleans, LA which was 432 miles and about 7 hours of driving. So, just to get to NOLA, we had drove about 1,175 miles and spent almost 19 hours on the road.

The gathering its self was good. There is just something amazing about worshiping with 36,000 to 40,000 youth & adults. It was amazing to see super dome filled to the rafters The kids were good & the speakers were awesome. This made my 3rd National Gathering (1 as a youth & 2 as an adult) that I have been to, and I think possible the speakers they had for us were some of the best I have heard. I took tons of pictures, which when I get some free time, I will post to facebook along with pictures I took when I was on vacation in Breckenridge, CO.

So after the gathering was over, we drove from NOLA to San Antonio, TX where we took the kids to Six Flags. All in all, a good time was had, and then the next morning we started the long drive back to Albuquerque. The whole trip was just over 2,550 miles and we spent almost 40 hours in our rental ran (yes, I know crazy, and nucking futs).

Just before I got back to school on the 31st of August I have a quick little one day trip to Denver for the Rocky Mt. Synod, Congregational Ministry's Board that I am on. Its just going to be a quick fly in, fly out type trip.

Speaking of school, it looks like I will graduate at the end of the spring term if I can keep my act together. If not, then it will be next fall (2010) when I graduate. It really all depends on a lot of factors, some of which I might have no control over. I am taking 4 classes this term, and I expect between work and school, it will keep my pretty busy, so if you do not see me or hear from me between September and December, you will know why. :)

Work has been keeping me pretty busy. Nothing really new or earth-shattering is going on here, just much of the same has been going on. Office drama is office drama, and I have been trying to stay out of that best I can. Its sometimes fun to sit back and watch the fireworks between other coworkers and then there are other times where its sad to see it happen.

One nice thing work related that I am looking forward to, is this weekend we are doing a work picnic up in the Jemez Mountains (NW of ABQ by an hour or so). I think it will be nice to be able to relax (and drink) with coworkers and just take some time to unstress from our busy season (which is still going on). We try to keep the company like a big family, and as such, we like to do things together. As long as the weather holds this weekend (knocks on wood) it should be a fun time.

Well, It think if you have read all of that, you are now pretty much updated on what I have done this summer and what the next few months hold for me. I do have a few small trips here and there scheduled. I know between now and December, I will be in Colorado 3 times (counting the CMB meeting later this month). Other then that, and maybe a quick weekend trip somewhere, thats about it.

I hope all of you are doing well and that life is treating you all good.
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