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Life for the past few weeks

Well, Lets See, Where to Start,

Well, The second week of Balloon Fiesta was, intresting to say the least. The second Saturday, we had a very ruff landing, and broke a pole on the basket. I think when we measured it, we got drug about 20 yards or so. We had some lower level winds that picked up really quickly, but we had a good landing spot, so it was all good. That sunday was fun!, we did not have any problems landing, but others did. There waone major problem, the Smokey The Bear balloon crashed into the top of a 670 feet tower, which is larger then any building in new mexico. To make matters worse, the pilot was in his sixtys and his pasengers where 10 & 14. They had to climb down the tower. We noticed that they had crashed right after we got our balloon down on the ground. I think all of our hearts stoped for like 10 min until we could see them climbing down, and hear the sounds of police and rescue heading there way. But let me tell u, that had everyones attention in town, cus shit, it is the largest thing in town. But they were really lucky. The tower that they crashed into, turnes out to be the tower for 770 KKOB AM, which is one of the most powerfull AM stations in the southwest. So, we are lucky that they did not get zaped by the tower, or the balloon did not catch on fire, or just fall. But ok, euff about that.

Also, in the past few weeks, I went back to Oklahomla with my dad to visit family, and man that was a trip. It makes me glad I live in Albuquerque. Cus where my dads brother lives, and where my dad grew up, make Albuquerque look like LA. LOL. Let me put it this way, my high school that I graduated from has a higher population then my dads hometown has. I'm not saying that is bad, but I like to have the option to go out and do something, and I'm not saying that Albuquerque has a lot to do, but more then a town of less then 1500 people, if that. But on the plus side, I did get to watch 4 movies on this trip (I let my dad drive the whole way). The movies that I watched were, Saved! (, xXx (, Head of State (, and The Santa Clause 2 ( All are very good movies, and saved is a really good movie that u all should check out.

Also, I did goto Veags for work. Granted it was just for a very long day, like 21 hours long, but I did it. My company, RDA Design Group ( had a booth in the 2004 AIA product show. So, hopefully we will pick up some work from this, cus damn we need it. LOL, but it sounds like we might get some more projects soon. But I decided to fly back that night, cus I really did not want to spend the night in the same room as my boss, that idea just does not rank high on my list, when I can and did sleep in my own bed that night, plus, cus my boss and my co-workers stayed out there on Wednesday, I had the office to my self, another perk. LOL. But all was good, I had great flights, which is all u really can ask for right? lol. Plus the whole trip was paid for by my company, so it was really all good.

Also, when I was in Vegas, Albuquerque had a really large hail storm that lasted like 5 hours, just during the time I was in Vegas, that does not count the hail that was falling on my way to the airport. It make me glad that I parked on the ground level of the parking structure at the Airport. I saw pictures that showed the 2.5 inches of hail that fell down town, it looked like it had been snowing all day. LOL, It was really funny.

Well, since I now have updated this dumb thing, and wrote a book in the proccess, lets see and hope that I can get this thing updated more offen. Well, let me put it this way, I stared to write this update at 10:15 and am finshing it at 10:50. Well, I'm off to bed (I hope). So, take care all u all, and feel free to comment on my book. LOL.

Peace & Love,
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