Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

2 Great Commericals

A lot of the time, TV ad's really just fall short of my expectations, which is why I love my DVR & the ability to skip commercials on recorded programs. But then there are times where they just rock and totally exceed my expectations.

Recently, two different commercials from two different have caught my attention. The first commercial is from Kia Motors and is for their new 2010 Soul. I love this commerical. The hamsters and all. I think what seals the deal is the music. It all just fits together and works.

The second is for PJ Blands, which is really a commercial for Chili's. I love the PJ Blands concept because it is just so well done. I first saw the PJ Blands spot as I caught the first part of Saturday Night Live tonight. I must say its a sad day when Chili's does a better job of creating parody's & skits then Saturday Night Live. Now, I must say that the PJ Blands spot is awesome in its own right, but they then took it to the next level with a website for PJ Blands ( and a twitter account for "PJ Bland", owner and founder of PJ Blands.

I wish more ad agencies and company's would take notice of things like this and create commercials that are good and not pure and total crap.
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