Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray


I love Liō. It has to be one of my favorite cartoons. Its right up there with Dilbert, Zits, Baby Blues, & Foxtrot. Really the only difference between Liō and these other cartoons is that Liō is much darker. For those of you who are not familiar with Liō, the strip focuses on the adventures of a strange & sometimes dark little boy named Liō. The strip is notable for the fact that most of the story is told visually, with little or no dialogue.

The guy behind Liō is Mark Tatulli. I can only imagine what type sick & twisted person it takes to create this cartoon, but God Bless him! In addition to cartoons, he has worked on Trading Spaces & A Wedding Story.

Bellow you will find todays (02/01/2009) strip of Liō. Its simple, funny, & really dark. It also really does speak volumes about our current state. Below todays strip, is another random strip that I found. Its behind a cut due to size. Anyway, I hope you enjoy:



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