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Is it really that hard to send an e-mail?

There are days in my personal life and at work that I wonder if it is really that hard to send someone an e-mail? Sure, I do it all the time, cus it is quick & easy, plus there is a written record of what was sent. Really, truth be told, I like doing things over e-mail more then over the phone, its just the way I am. But there are times when it seems like people can not just send a quick and simple, "Hey, whats going on with this" e-mail. Today is one of those days.

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine that owns a local ISP (Internet Service Provider) here in Albuquerque. Since they are a vendor of ours here at work, and I have my internet at the house through them, its really no shock or surprise that he was calling me. But what was a shock was why he was calling.

First I should also add that my church (the one that I am not sure if I am leaving or not) has their web page hosted with the same ISP. So he said that someone from my church called cus they wanted to have "some page edits done" & some other things because Kevin just does not have time for us anymore.". First off that is total bullshit! I have time for them. Sure I have not been to service at that church in God knows how long (no really, he is probably the only one that can remember how long ago it was), but I am very much still a member at that church and I am still taking care of the web site. Second, they have never sent me anything to have updated, because if they had, I would have updated it.

The person who called the ISP (who will remain nameless) is a good friend of mine (which is why I think this hurts so much), but has never once has that person e-mailed or called me asking me to make any changes or even what is going on.

Its times like this that make me wonder why communication is so hard. Hello, pick up a phone or send me an e-mail. I do freaking respond.
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