Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Santa Fe via The New Mexico Railrunner Express.

So I am spending the day in Santa Fe. Now that in its own right is not so special really. But what makes it special is now I got here.

I took the NM Railrunner Express which just a few weeks ago finished and opened their new expansion into Santa Fe. I got luck and was able to get a seat for the 60 or so minute ride to the rail yards in SF.

It was a good ride, very nice and smooth. What makes the ride to SF even better is all the great views you can see from the train.

One downside is that it was packed. All the cars on our trains were 100% full, with people sitting on the stairs between the two levels of the cars. The main reason its so packed right now is that everyone is off work and/or school, and its new. So of course everyone has to ride the train.

Well, my lunch just showed up. Im at the Atomic Grill near The Plaza. Yum.

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