Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Washington DC Here I Come...

So Friday I leave for Washington DC to spend Christmas with my sister (and my parents who are also flying to DC from NM). Its her first Christmas as a full pastor, and I must say that I am looking forward to a nice vacation. Last week I was sick with something nasty that turned into a nasty case of bronchitis. I am still recovering from all that, but almost back to 100%.

So back to DC (yes, I am ADD, thanks for asking), anyway, like I said, I fly out on Friday (12/19) and am staying with my sister down at her place in Waldorf, MD. I have to return to the land of Land of Enchantment on Saturday Dec 27. I would have liked to stay out in the DC area for New Years, but work calls me back. I have a fine window that I can preform our year end closing procedures. Sure its a bummer, but its part of my job and lets face it, work pays the bills.

So last Friday was what I like to call "The Drunken Orgy That Is The 2008 CAC Company Christmas Party". And if you think my title is over playing it, boy are you wrong. I work for a service company, and let me tell you, we all love liquor, probably more then we should. If you want to check out the pictures, click here for them.. Also, I got a few videos on YouTube, which you can check out by going to our CAC YouTube Channel by clicking here. The party was good and it was nice to spend an evening with coworkers outside the setting of the office.

So even crap for geeks goes wrong. My laptop keyboard and touchpad on my personal laptop are on the frits and have their moments where they just do not want to work. For the keyboard, my "z" and "x" keys are messed up and everytime I hit one of them it adds the letter "c" along with the respective letter. Also, every now and then my keyboard just goes off with lots of repeating "c" going across the screen. It really makes working on the computer lots of fun. But fear not, as my laptop is still under warranty. Dell is sending a tech out to fix it, and I should have it working again before I leave for DC.

Speaking of leaving for DC, there is just too much crap to get done between now and then. I keep checking crap off my todo list, but it seems that crap keeps getting added back on. Its always this way when I try and get out of town. I sometimes wonder if all the work leading up to leaving town is worth it. Anyway, since I got so much to do, I need to end this entry. That and the keyboard is being lots of fun again...

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