Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray


So I am sick. Not like head cold sick, but like flu / virus / hurting all over sick. It sucks and I am ready to be healthy again.

I will spare you from all the nasty details of what I have been through since I got sick on Friday. It started with pain all over my body and feeling cold. At first, I really just dismissed it and took some advil and felt better. Well, little did I know that was only a foretaste of what was to come. I will skip Friday night, cus well it might make you sick and that would not be good, now would it?

So Saturday morning I suffered my way out of the house to Smith's (its a Korger brand grocery store) to pick up some items (Gatoraid & Soup) needed for my sick little self. I then spent the rest of Saturday in pain and not feeling like I had any energy at all.

My parents dropped by Saturday evening to bring me some school items that I had left in my car (which is at my parents house cus its got issues) and bought me a thermonator (sp?). It was at this point that I figured out I had a fever, which at the time was averaging right around 101 degs.

So more Advil it was and more soup & Gatoraid too. Keeping myself well hydrated is the name of this game. So Saturday night was ok. I got up once around 4am to take more Advil (hey, it helps with the pain), but was able to get a halfway decent nights rest, a well deserved change from Friday night.

Today has been spent much like yesterday. In bed and being very miserable. At open point today I did call the 24-hour nurse line that is provided at no cost to me by my health insurance company and they said that based on the info I gave them, its probably a virus (no, not a computer virus) and that unless things got worse, that I should just stay home and get plenty of rest and liquids (which is basically what I have been doing.

They do not think that its the flu, cus as of right now there have been no reported cases in the Albuquerque Metro area and the fact that since I got a flu shot back in late September / early October, my symptoms would not be this bad.

Now what add's more fun to this is that I have finals starting tomorrow (at least in practice). My final that I have tomorrow is also being offered on Wednesday (what can I say, my prof is a nice guy) and I will opt to take it on Wednesday.

So that's what I've been up to. I wanted to be as lazy as possible this weekend, but not like this. This virus thing has taken all my energy and really just sucks.

I do want to give a huge shout out to my parents who have been bring me things and basically being there for every little request I've had. Thank you guys:)
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