Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Not Dead Yet! I swear!

So I really do swear that I am not dead, yet. For those of you who read my twitter, or are my friends on facebook, you know this already. For those of you who do not read my twitter, or are not friends with me on facebook, What are you waiting for? All kidding aside, I have been way too busy with school and work to even think of updating here. I know, my bad, and I am sorry. I have totally neglected my LJ and that is so not cool.

So if you are looking at my LJ, and wondering what is up with that devil looking picture, do not worry. I have not turned into a devil. LJ recently moved data centers, and a few things got screwed up in the process, including two of my userpics. I have submitted a trouble ticket to have it fixed, and soon you should be back to looking at my as a Simpsons character.

So time for some updating I guess, cus its been even longer then two weeks since I have had anything that might look like an update. So right now I am in Eaton, CO visiting my former pastor and his kids. His wife (who is a flight attendant for Frontier Airlines) is out on a two day trip, so right now I will not get to see her. But, I might get to later this weekend. So now on to the real reason why I am in CO.

I am in Colorado to help out with our Synod's Senior High (High School) Youth Gathering in Estes Park, CO. I help out each year, and since my former pastor only lives about 1.5 hours from Estes Park, its nice drive up the day before and stay with him and his family. Also, since I have to be in Estes at such an early hour, its nice to drive up the day before then try getting up at 3am to leave ABQ by 4am. Anyway, I will be up there until Sunday when I make the long 8 hour trek home.

Well, school has been insane crazy this term. Its good, but damn is it busy. Homework has been driving me bonkers, but its gotta be done, so I do it. Other then that, its just school, plain and simple.

So I am also really looking forward to next week, which not only is Thanksgiving, but also the week that my sister is coming home and my mom's brother and his family come to visit too. Its been only a few weeks since I have seen my sister, but its been 11 months since I have gotten to see my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins. It will be very good to see them all again, and also get to share Thanksgiving with them.

I am also looking forward to Christmas time too. We are all flying out to DC for Christmas with Kate. Get to see all the sights again, and do all that stuff. Its going to be lots of fun and I must say that I really need a vacation that is not doing anything but relaxing.

Anyway, this update is too damn long, so I think I am going to sign off for the night. If you want to see more up to the moment (or even second) updates from me, check out my twitter (just click the link).
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