Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Picture Post - The Joys of Culinary Arts...

So the same building that houses almost all of Business and Information Technology classes here at CNM also houses Culinary Arts on the ground floor.

And one of the joys of the CNM Culinary Arts program is that on select days they serve amazing food for very cheap.

This morning I had the carne adovada with scrambled eggs and an ice tea all for under 5 dollars. The food was amazing. The scrambled eggs were very light & fluffy, and just totally tasty. Probably the best scrambled eggs I've had in a long long time. The carne adovada was also amazing too. It was full of taste and spicey but not too spicey.

My only complaint is that they only serve two days a week and not every week. If you are ever at CNM and near Smith Brasher hall, see if hey are serving, cus its always amazing.

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