Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Iraqi official: $100 a barrel is 'fair'

So here a quote from a CNN Money headline: "Iraqi official: $100 a barrel is 'fair'." Fair my ass. Oil at $50 to $75 a barrel seems to me to be more fair to everyone involved. Oil at anywhere near $100 a barrel is just over inflated. Now, I could see if the cost of production or something had gone up, but really, nothing has changed between now and 10 years ago.

I just think that OPEC & the oil producing country's got greedy and have enjoy reaping all those profits in oil and now that oil is dropping they are not seeing as much money. ah, we should all feel sorry for them. NOT. Maybe they should try it like the rest of us do! For most of us, money does not grow on tress come out of the ground.

Iraq & OPEC just have their head up their ass. They will soon find out that they market can not take $100.00 a barrel oil for long. In the long run they are hurting them selfs more then helping...
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