Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Holy Crappy Traffic Batman...

Kevin Murrayclaystorm is stuck in really nasty balloon fiesta traffic trying to get home.
I know I should have exited at Paseo.
Kevin Murray
claystorm is home at last. Traffic sucked & APD did not help any. Took 20 minutes to go 0.9 miles. Thought they were only doing this crap on weekends.

The above items are copies of two "tweets" that I made tonight on Twitter as I was trying to get home tonight from my evening class. Traffic tonight was a big holy mess (at least for me), one really made worse not better by the traffic control measures used tonight.

The letter I got from the Balloon Fiesta with my get out of jail free / traffic pass made it sound like I would not have any problems with traffic during the week, only during the weekends would there be any roads closed. So here is a direct quote from the letter that accompanied my bypass road closed / traffic pass:

While traffic will be affected by Balloon Fiesta guests during every event, the only times traffic flow will be intentionally altered will be Saturday and Sunday mornings from about 5:00am until 10:00am and evenings from about 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Between these hours, Alameda will be closed at San Mateo for westbound traffic and at Balloon Museum Drive for eastbound traffic. Also during those times, the southbound frontage road of I-25 from Tramway to Alameda will be affected.
Well, I guess that was wrong. On my way home from class tonight I figured I would just get off I-25 at Alameda like I normally do, and traffic would be just a little heavier then normal. Oh boy was I wrong. I got off the freeway and it was just grid-locked to all hell. I wished I had gotten off at Paseo, and had just come in the back way. I would have saved a few minutes at least.

Hell, it took me 12 minutes just to cross under the freeway. Well once I was pass the first road block, I only got to drive 0.2 miles before I got to another road-block where I had to wait another 6 minutes. After being cleared to turn left on to San Mateo, I drove another 0.2 miles before I hit another road-block. I was lucky in that I was able to make a quick right turn and did not have to wait there. From there I was able to go the rest of the way home with out issue.

Now I should point out that it took me right about 20 minutes to go 0.9 miles (I used Google Maps). That averages out to about oh, 3 mph, and really most of that was spent just sitting there. When I could get past road blocks, I was able to move at a decent speed. So from the time I left CNM to the time I got home took about 34 minutes, or more then double what it normally would take me.

After all this is over (I mean Balloon Fiesta) I think I am going to have to sit down with the Balloon Fiesta people and discuss this. Waiting as long as I hate to wait is just insane. There is a line in the above letter that says "This traffic route might be a little longer then usual, but it should take less time than if APD didn't manage the traffic on Alameda." IDK about that. If they had just left the traffic lights working, I think I would have been home a lot quicker then I did tonight. Now granted, the people who were leaving Balloon Fiesta Park would have not moved as fast, but I would have.
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