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Textbooks, or the lack there of....

For those of you who were following my Twitter posts or Facebook status messages on Monday already know that I am having issues getting my course material for one of my classes. For those of you who do not know, I will give you a quick little into to get you all caught up.

Monday started the 3rd week of classes at CNM. Now I have been able to get all my books and other course related materials expect for my Security + plus class. Well, on Monday my prof was out sick and it turned into a lab day from what would have been a lecture day. So, since I had no course material, I decided to go use my time wisely and raise hell at the bookstore to see what was going on with our books.

I should add that Monday was not the first time I (or the other people in my class) had bugged the bookstore about where our books were, or when we might get them. Every other time we have been to and/or talked to the bookstore, we are basically told to go screw off. But Monday I finally was told that our books were going to ship from the warehouse on October 17th. Yes, you read it right, October, not September. Heck, at that point, we will bascily be over half way done with the semester.

Since that was over a month off, I decided to go talk to the Dean of Students, who happens to be in the same building as the bookstore, just a floor up. Well, the Dean of Students was out of the office for a few days at some conference, so I asked who else could help me on this, as I was not going to let this go for a few days. I was given the names of two people, the first, the Dean of my school (Business and Information Technology - BIT) and the Vice President of CNM.

My first stop after the Dean of Students office was the Dean of the BIT. Only problem was the Dean was also out of the school. But the staff at the BIT was able to help me with not having course material. They are working on getting us copies of the chapters that we need until our books come in. So my next stop was all the way to the top, the office of the President of CNM, who with my luck was out at lunch at that time.

But the person who was working the front desk in the Presidents office asked what I needed, and then said she was going to have me talk with a very nice woman named Samantha, who is the Chief Communications Officer and Executive Assistant to the President. She heard my concerns, and said that she was going to pass it along to the Vice President of CNM, who is responsible for the bookstore and who was also out of the office at the time, but was to call me when he knew something. I thanked her and went on my way to do other things that I needed to do.

Later that day, I received a call from the VP of CNM. He called to introduce him self, and let me know he had a call into the bookstore, but had not heard anything at that time. He also said he would call me as soon as he knew more. And true to his word, the next day I heard back from him where he said the bookstore had screwed up big on this one and he apologized left and right, and said they are working to see if they can get the course material faster then the October 17th date.

I must say it was nice to hear him say that the bookstore screwed up and it was their fault and that they were working on it. He also said they are trying to see if they can find other avenues to get our course materials that we need.

Also right now our first test in this class has been pushed back from next week until the BIT has the chance to get us copies of all the chapters this test is going to cover and give us a chance to go over them. Right now, I have 2 of the first 4 chapters that I need, and nothing from the lab manual right now. But hey, it’s a start, if a small one.
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