Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Albuquerque, It's a whole other country...

Somehow tonight I ended up watching part of TMZ (hey, it was Sunday night around 11pm, there was nothing else on TV) when they had some sound bite from Jadagrace, who is in the new Terminator 4 movie, which happens to be filming in and around Albuquerque.

Anyway in the sound bite, they ask her all types of questions, but it's the question where they ask her if she is going to be in the next Terminator movie that is very funny. Her response, made me do a double take and then I started to laugh my ass off. You are just going to have to watch the video to find out what I mean. Pay attention after the 30 second mark (The whole video is only 51 seconds):

TMZ Video of Jadagrace (opens in a new window).

And just for the record, the last time I checked, Albuquerque was in the United States.
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